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The Most Famous Disappearance in Finland: Raisa Räisänen

2019.05.14 12:37 Silkkiuikku The Most Famous Disappearance in Finland: Raisa Räisänen

The Disappearance

It was Saturday night on October 10, 1999. In the Finnish city of Tampere the weather was cold, but there were many people out and about, for the European Union was holding a conference in the city. Security had been heightened, and police officers had travelled from all over the country.
At 21:30 a girl named Raisa Räisänen entered a restaurant called Casablanca with her friend. Raisa was only 16 years old, so she used a fake ID. She was 175 cm (5'8 ) tall and athletic. Her hair was midi-length and ginger coloured. She was dressed for a night out, wearing a mini skirt, a red top, a black blazer, and sandals with 10cm (4 inch) heels.
In the restaurant Raisa danced with a consript, who soon had to return to the garrison. Witnesses later testified, that Raisa had been drunk, but not excessively so.
At 22:00 Raisa left the restaurant with her friend. At 22:18 she called her boyfriend, who was at a party in the neighbouring town of Pirkkala. Raisa said that she might also come to Pirkkala, if she managed to get a ride.
Around 23:00 Raisa's friend's boyfriend arrived by car, and Raisa's friend entered the car. There were also two other boys in the car. They were going to the town of Huittinen, to a restaurant called Huittisen Seurahuone. There was no room for Raisa in the car. Her friend gave her some money, and they agreed to call each other later. This was the last confirmed sighting of Raisa.
After midnight Raisa's friend returned to Tampere. She tried to call Raisa twice, but she wouldn't pick up the phone. The friend assumed that Raisa had taken the bus home.
In the morning Raisa's mother tried to call her daughter. Her phone had been turned off. She had disappeared.

Did she drown?
Initially the police believed that Raisa may have drowned in one of the many lakes, rapids and ponds surrounding Tampere. Many bodies of water were searched, but to no avail.
In the early 2000s a fisherman caught some long, blonde hairs while fishing on a lake. His friend, who was a hairdresser, identified them as a woman's hair. The fisherman was creeped out, and threw the hair back into the water. Later he remembered Raisa's disappearance, and realised that the hair might be related to the case. He contacted the police. The area where he had found the hair was dragged, but no body was found.

The Doctor
In 2001 a woman contacted the police. She had been dating a doctor, who claimed to know what happened to Raisa, and said that the killer would never be caught. According to the woman, the doctor was a "sexual maniac" fascinated by violence.
The doctor lived in the Armonkallio area. Several witnesses claimed to have seen Raisa walking though the area on the night of her disappearance. A man living in the area heard a woman screaming between 2:00 and 3:00.
After investigating the case, the police concluded that the doctor's movements on the night of the murder made it unlikely that he killed Raisa. The doctor has since died.

Mysterious cars
In 2005 someone contacted the police, saying that Raisa had been grabbed from the street, and forced into an old-fashioned limousine. Another witness claimed to have seen "foreign-looking" men driving a golden Mercedes-Benz. They had stopped to talk to a blonde girl.
A third witness had seen a 30-year-old man with brown hair, escorting a light-skinned woman who was taller than him. The man walked the woman towards a car. There were two foreign-looking men standing by the vehicle.
There was also a witness who saw a short foreign man driving a red Ford Escort. Between 22.45 ja 01:00 the man stopped to talk with a girl who appeared cold.

New Witnesses
In 2008 a new male witness came forward. He had danced with a girl who looked like Raisa, in a restaurant called Tampereen Seurahuone. The girl said that her friends would be coming to the restaurant later (Raisa's friends had gone to another restaurant called Huittisen seurahuone, but it's possible that she got them mixed up). The girl seemed younger than the other customers, and she was very cold. After a while she disappeared.
In May 2009 the police received another tip. A witness had seen a woman resembling Raisa in a restaurant called Teerenpeli, sometime after 22:00. On the dance floor the woman had been accompanied by a large dark man of African background, and possibly a shorter Moroccan man. After dancing the woman returned to the table, and accused two Romani women of stealing her wallet or phone. A middle aged Romani man and the restaurant bouncer interfered. The witness later saw the young woman walking outside. She was lightly dressed and staggering.

The search continues
In 2015 a taxi driver contacted the police. On the night of the disappearance he had driven a freezing woman who looked like Raisa. She was accompanied by a man of foreign background, probably Turkish. The woman moved to the front seat, while the man was behind the car talking to his friends. The woman said in a scared voice: "I wonder what will happen to me?" The taxi driver offered to take her home, but she refused. She stopped talking once the foreign man entered the car. The man told the driver to take them to a block of flats in the Multisilta suburb.
In June 2016 the police announced that they were looking for Raisa in the area where the taxi driver had last seen her. The police suspected that her body had been hidden there. They found nothing.
In January 2018 the police revealed that they had suspected a Turkish man for years. One witness had seen a Turkish acquaintance talking to a girl who looked like Raisa. The Turkish man was interrogated, and denied ever meeting her. He has not been outruled as a suspect.

A confession
In 2013 a man sitting in a pub overheard another man talking to the bartender. The man confessed to shooting Raisa and burying her body on his property. The witness only contacted the police two years later. By that time both the suspect and the bartender had both died. The police searched the lands owned by the suspect, but found nothing. The suspect's family members did not believe in the veracity of the confession.

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