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2020.09.29 22:46 leslomaniac PS2 joystick adapters

So a while a go i lended my ps2 joystick adapter to a friend. He was a piece of shit and never returned it. I tried ordering a new one twice and got defective ones both of the times. Does anyone know where i can get a new one . I live in India but please tell according to your location since i dont mind shipping times.
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2020.09.29 22:32 Zealousideal_Mail855 The Chicken or the Egg?

The chicken or the egg?
The chicken or the egg?
The chicken or the egg?
ThE cHicKeN oR tHe EgG?
Twenty times,
Thirty times,
Forty times.
Loops and loops and loops,
Oops and oops and oops,
We have our answer.
Why did the chicken cross the road?
To get to the abortion clinic.
And it died trying.

I wrote this because I was extremely angry when reading about the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Bill in my country (India). They're amending it but it's still not about completely respecting the choice of the pregnant person.
A Bird
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2020.09.29 22:17 removalbot 09-29 20:17 - 'It's hard to quantify how close they came. The British army was nowhere near able to deploy to defend Canada from an invasion of the United States, so they were very reluctant to do so without French manpower. 8000 troops...' by /u/shemanese removed from /r/history within 2450-2460min

It's hard to quantify how close they came. The British army was nowhere near able to deploy to defend Canada from an invasion of the United States, so they were very reluctant to do so without French manpower. 8000 troops (of the 17000, or so total) added to Canada brought the British up to about 28,000 *total* troops to defend Canada. They simply could not have stopped the United States from seizing large portions of Canada, if not the entirety. That was the fatal flaw in Confederate diplomacy. The CSA never showed how supporting the CSA's independence would offset the potential loss of Canada. The CSA literally only offered "pre-war status quo" in terms of commercial deals and refused to agree to anything popular with the British voting public - specifically, Britain was very interested in signing a treaty banning the African slave trade and the South refused to sign that agreement. The United States used that treaty as one of the things to defuse the situation with Great Britain by negotiating that exact treaty. There was a time limit to when Great Britain would have cut off diplomatic relations with the United States, but basically, the United States defused the situation by releasing the CSA diplomats and giving just *enough* of an apology that British politicians not wanting a war could work with it.
The rest of the British troops were held down in India as a result of the India revolt right after the Crimean War. It would have taken 6 months to a year to redeploy 50,000 troops. At their max deployment in the Crimea when they pulled together 100,000 total troops, they used every single available troop then. After the crisis in India, it would be unlikely that they could manage to free up 50,000 troops. Also, the Crimean showed exactly how badly managed the British army was and there was a laundry list of reforms that were proposed as a result of the war, but all of the ones for the army were shot down. The navy had started its reforms and some of their initial ideas were getting ready to roll out, but they were nowhere near where they needed to be to take on another industrialized naval power.
Great Britain was looking at a naval war and France a ground war. But, most of the French troops were tied down in Continental issues and Mexico.
After New Ironsides and the Monitor launched, the British navy only had 1 ship that could take on the United States ironclads. That was the HMS Warrior. Over the course of the war, the United States built a ridiculous number of ironclads and the British navy was basically outclassed if they fought in coastal waters. (People still argue the topic of who would win between the Monitor and Warrior as both had very exploitable weaknesses when facing the other. The New Ironsides would have been soundly beaten by the Warrior). The British navy was primarily wooden ships and the Crimean how shown how devastating modern shells were to wooden hulls. Any British wooden warship going against a United States ironclad would have been destroyed in pretty much the same manner as every other encounter between those classes of ships during the Civil War.
Also, something to consider is that it quickly became in Britain's interest that the United States cotton industry be destroyed. British commercial interests were investing heavily in cotton growing in Turkey and India, so, British companies actually benefited in the long term that the cotton industry in the United States was damaged so badly.

As someone else mentioned below, cotton may have been a major import and a lot of industries relied on it, there were potential alternatives. But, there was a couple of imports the British people and government absolutely needed from the United States in 1861 was wheat and corn. Great Britain was in a food shortage and something like 40% of their food came from the United States. There were no other major international food exporters to handle that and no other locations within the Empire to build up an agricultural base to offset that. As 1848 was very fresh in people's minds, it was a very short step from a food riot to a revolution.
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2020.09.29 22:12 StrongQuarter1144 Hell’s Kitchen Special Season: Big Brother All Stars 2 - Episode 6

Last time, it was Italian Night, and while the blue kitchen seemed to catch problems. The red kitchen had hit hard and spilled more beans. Christmas, looked lost, and was dismissed early enough, but that barely changed anything with Keesha’s poor performance working as an assistant Maître d’ for her first time, and hit a rock while coming back to the kitchen. With Christmas and Keesha nominated, Chef Ramsay decided to give Christmas another chance and eliminate Keesha. He then switched Nicole F into the blue team and Enzo into the red team to help with their communication issues.
Episode 6
Shortly after elimination, Chef Ramsay wants to have a talk with Christmas and Kaysar. He explains that between service, a chef may assist what job they have to do, but the second service begins, the more existence of a careless attitude is out of order.
The next day, Chef Ramsay calls all the chefs in the dining room for their next challenge. On their way to the dining room, there are flags of various countries hanging around the kitchen including Japan, Mexico, India, Greece, Italy, Brazil, Jamaica and China. The chefs must face a service challenge: they must cook a international meal of food for national immigrants of the US. Ramsay wanted to put the chefs communications to the test, so that way he can see everyone step up. Chef Ramsay asks to people as team captains. The red kitchen has chosen Bayleigh to lead them to victory while the blue kitchen has decided on Nicole F. The menu consists of Fried Cod Tacos from Mexico, Lamb Vindaloo with Rice from India, and Chicken Souvlaki from Greece. The appetizer consists of Sushi from Japan, which has to be the first to make it to the dining room. And while both teams make it to the final ticket, Dani told Bayleigh that she needed another 2 minutes on her Lamb Vindaloo, which secured the victory for the blue team.
At dinner service, the blue team is picking up the paste, thanks to Ian and David’s strong performances on cold appetizers and Nicole F’s strong showing on the fish station. The red team, however trails behind and the performance of Enzo and Janelle has seemed quiet and lacked vocalness. Christmas was trying to redeem herself from the mistakes she made last night, and rushes to complete all the salad orders and takes all of Enzo, Dani and Da’Vonne who are on hot appetizers to keep going. In the end Da’Vonne has sent overseasoned scallops to the pass, but Chef Ramsay decides to send the appetizers out and wait for Da’Vonne to retire as Janelle, showing great enthusiasm while taking charge jumps in on salad, so that she can get a great support on putting a hold on Christmas.
Meanwhile, the blue team is almost on their last ticket, with being on their 3rd, with Memphis swiftly jumping on salad station and Cody on hot appetizers. They quickly notice, that they have a shocking problem: all of the diners on the blue side have ordered risotto for their appetizers while they barely got any orders for carbonara or scallops. When Nicole F asks Sous Chef Jay how many risottos are on the order for the 3rd ticket, he responds with the same number the blue kitchen has left, she quickly rushes to take her risotto to the pass so she can support the salad station to prevent having watery plates.
The red kitchen finally managed to get a grip on their appetizers, with Christmas and Enzo on salad, and Janelle pushes out the last few tickets, Bayleigh and Da’Vonne get on the meat station, and Dani hops on garnish. However, the first order of fillet mignonette comes back undercooked, and gets sent back to the pass. Enzo who still runs the appetizers is ready with his last two orders on salad when Ramsay calls the entire team back to the kitchen. Thankfully, Sous Chef Christina takes the salad out of his hand and sends them to the dining room along with Janelle’s risotto before Ramsay angrily berates the red team.
The blue team’s service runs perfectly. Communication, also between rivalries, Kaysar and Memphis is pushing at a higher time. But a shocking incident hits the wall. While returning from his chicken and beef garnishes to the pass, Ian rushes behind Kaysar, trips on Kaysar’s shoelaces (which he forgotten to tie up), an falls to the floor. When Chef Ramsay hears him cry and scream at the same time, he rushes right into the blue kitchen, where he found Ian lying on the ground with his left leg pointing straight, and right leg sitting on top, and his eyes glassy. When he states he can’t move his leg without it hurting, Chef Ramsay calls the medic to take a look at Ian’s broken leg. The medic took care of Ian, after Ramsay and Kaysar have escorted him out of the kitchen. The medic found that his leg, and toe is broken and his ankle is sprained, and then rush him to the hospital.
With Ian out of the kitchen, the blue team needs to pick up a powerful boost on their garnish to help prevent any mistakes. Meanwhile, the red team is on their last ticket for their entrees, and soon send them out, making them finish service. Although Bayleigh had timing problems on her filet mignon. Enzo and Janelle conceal her mistakes with their flaws less performance on garnish and meat. Both teams finish service with the red team finishing first by 30 seconds before the blue team.
After service, Chef Ramsay lined the teams up to inform them about by his clumsy fall, Ian has broke two bones in his leg, broke his toe, and sprained his ankle. (Christmas also had a broken leg on her season on Big Brother 19) He also announces that he will not return to Hell’s Kitchen. For that reason, and for nobody getting kicked out, both teams are name joint winners, and not eliminate anyone tonight. However he decides to name Nicole F and Enzo the Best of the Worst, and tells them to thoroughly think about the three weakest chefs on their team, because they will have time until tomorrow to think about it.
“There are a lot of things about Ian in about 3 weeks. He will get his bones and toes revived and his leg will get better for walking. Good luck, Ian”
Next time on Hell’s Kitchen: Big Brother All Stars 2
The next episode, the three weakest chefs chosen on both teams will compete in an individual challenge for their life. Only one of them will be banished for good life. Who will survive? And who will sink to the bottom of the competition?
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2020.09.29 22:04 Environmental-Bed627 Help me(An incel) select a University?

So I am a 17 year old incel from India.Have been given a rating of around 5-6 by most guys and girls and have been rated as a 5 on truerateme.I am not necessarily ugly but not attractive either.I am 6ft with an above average frame.I am still in puberty,so I am still growing projected height is around 6’4(I started puberty late).I am also an introvert and socially awkward which probably is the main reason I am an incel.So,I am planning to pursue my education overseas and here are my options
1.Go to Germany.I have been accepted in Technische Universität München(TUM) amongst the Top 5 universities in Europe with priceless name tag and reputation associated with it and in Germany education is free so I wouldn’t spend a qpenny and wouldn’t have a student debt a sweet deal on paper but while I am there I am guaranteed to be an incel.I am pretty sure that I can forget about sex and romance for the time I am there.I simply would be a ethnic dog trying to ascend in the land of the giants.The average height in Germany is 6ft and is filled with guy’s who are probably way better looking than me and by going there and trying dating apps I am pretty much getting a knife to a gun fight.
2.Go to the US.I have also been selected in the UNC(University of North Carolina) and few other good universities in the Bay Area.I probably have a decent chance of finding a gf there since there are many curry women with whom I could get along with but I would have to compromise on the quality of education and going to this uni would leave me with a small student debt.
3.Going to the UK.I haven’t sent my application yet but would probably get selected in a few tier 1 unis there.From what I heard online,UK is pretty hypergamous so I don’t have high hopes but definitely got a better chance than in Germany
I am currently trying to looksmax and improving my personality as much as I can,Trying to be more outgoing,getting rid of the bloat,get jacked up,skincare etc etc.So,it’s either going to Germany get the best education for free but be doomed to 4 years of inceldom or compromise on the university and have a small debt with a decent chance of finding love.So it’s a fight between instincts and common sense.What should I do?What would you do if you were in my shoes?Any other suggestions?Any other countries I can try to go to?
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2020.09.29 21:54 thebubblef4-_ Mania

I have bipolar 1 I was hospitalized 3 times twice for suicide once for mania I yesed and need my way out of the first 2 hospitals I couldn't yes and no my way out of the 3rd hospital because I was beyond help I was was crazed in the head I was me but I wasn't me. In the emergency room I was yelling laughing talking to my phone and telling someone who wasn't a Dr my problems this was the the worst and embarrassing time of my life I'm probably still the talk of the emergency room. I got mixed up with a kid rock wannabe from India I wasn't taking my medicine the way I should I was going days without my medicine because I was living for this love affair. I even left my husband and son deverstated and crying as I walked out the door to be with who I thought was kid rock. The moral of this story take your medicine every single day do not go one day without your medicine cause mania is the most scariest thing you will ever experience of your lifetime.
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2020.09.29 21:51 iniestas The editors could do a better job at showing the islanders' personalities

I understand that the producers/editors need to focus on certain drama-filled storylines and push the islanders to have conversations about their relationships/where they stand, but I can't help but feel there's an overabundance of these meta conversations (for lack of a better word, it's when the islanders talk about Their Connection TM).
Last night was probably the first time I liked Calvin and saw his personality shine. I also wish we had seen Caleb and Carrington wearing Justine's wigs.
This isn't an issue exclusive to LI US. In season 5 of the UK version, there's a really funny segment in which Chris, Belle, and India imitate other islanders' accents and do impressions. That segment showcased how funny Belle and India were, but it was included in the extra moments episode so not many people saw it. It was a short scene, and I enjoyed it way more than any of the gross food challenges.
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2020.09.29 21:36 d1varun AITA for ditching my friend when she might need me?

A little background- she and I were close and really shared our feelings to eachother, supporting and motivating.
So this happened during the lockdown period in my country (India). We were a group of 10 people all in college. Were close to eachother or I thought we were. Starting of the lockdown we were close and all playing online games having zoom calls but as time passed I started feeling some cold vibes from her like not giving response, not picking my calls and like ghosting me.
Firstly, I ignored these thoughts as it might be me overthinking but the coldness grew. From not getting response from her for hours it went to days. And now it's been around 3 months without having a single conversation.
She, on her birthday (around 3 months back) didn't pickup my call firstly and then when she did after 3rd time ended the call in a minute, literally.
I just got to know from a common friend that she is in touch with all others but not just me. Also she's been stressing from the CAT (indian form of SATs) and might be depressed.
She used to tell these type of things to espacially to me but now nothing.
Am I the asshole for not trying to help her when she needs it most?
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2020.09.29 21:13 RightDwight Active Scam Number

the number is 762 224 1624 they are doing the social security scam and trying to say they're gonna cancel my social security number from drugs in El Paso, Texas, I'm sure your familiar with this scam already. The callers called me from this number on a recorded line and said to return the call to settle the issue. They listed the number twice on the message. I used a fake voice and said I was "Charlie Day". Wasted 45 minutes of their time and they threatened me with 9 years in prison. Scammers are clearly from India, bring up their parents and how they would be proud of their child stealing money from old people, this wears them down so they hopefully quit the job at some point.
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2020.09.29 21:09 StormfalconX Epic skills assessment sucks so hard

I just got finished doing the epic skills assessment and it makes me never want to work for this company at all.
The test as I'm sure you know is 3 sections.
  1. Quick math section that I couldn't finish in time because I didn't have a non-graphing handheld calculator.
  2. A section with a made up language asking some questions with the new syntax they use. Its not hard but this part was pretty dumb ngl.
  3. The last section was standard leetcode style. I fucked up here real bad. It probably 1 easy and 3 medium style questions. But the problem is I haven't done a lot of leetcode overall and haven't done any recently either. Mediums were like print a matrix counterclockwise, additive number questions, and another one.
It's a very long test and probably takes 3-4 hours if you want to do it all really well. I kind of just ragequit at the end hoping to never work for epic after that. I've had 2 internships in the past and neither asked for such a long test full of BS. The coding environment was hot garbage too.
I know I f'd up the leetcode part, that's on me. But the worst part is you're proctored by some person in India and you have to share your screen and webcam making it pretty awkward already. But it also means no googling or syntax help either. Idk why they make the process so annoying. It's not like epic is some tier 1 company with a log of prestige either.
Sorry I'm just venting after this whole experience.
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2020.09.29 21:06 ActZealousideal9005 Is there "scraping" or offline reading software that linguists commonly use to go out and gather large amounts of results from the internet?

When looking through scholarly articles I would see something like this:
"In this study the data have been collected from the press releases by the respective companies and the regular financial news sources Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Forbes, Reuters, CNBC, NDTV, Economic Times, Hindustan Times, Times of India, India Times, Telegraph, CNN Money, Market Watch, and Fortune"
This particular study analyzed the text (using LIWC) over 5 years for two companies from the above news sources. How did they get the text, surely not manually.
Is there "scraping" or offline reading software that linguists commonly use to go out and gather results from the internet?
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2020.09.29 21:06 AutoNewspaperAdmin [IN] - Govt notifies rules to implement the Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act 2019 Times of India

[IN] - Govt notifies rules to implement the Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act 2019 Times of India submitted by AutoNewspaperAdmin to AutoNewspaper [link] [comments]

2020.09.29 20:57 removalbot 09-29 18:57 - 'Were Anjou or Saxon nations though? Successor kingdoms often had lots of different language groups and 'peoples'. These were once seen as pretty much self-contained units that travelled hundreds of miles over hundre...' by /u/CuriousastheCat removed from /r/history within 1509-1519min

Were Anjou or Saxon nations though? Successor kingdoms often had lots of different language groups and 'peoples'. These were once seen as pretty much self-contained units that travelled hundreds of miles over hundreds of years while remaining genetically and linguistically distinct. Depending on your degree of revisionism you can either day it's more complex or that later identifiable groups are completely fictitious creations for the time with no real distinct roots.
'Germany' and 'Gaul' (or for that matter 'Greece') had not been states before Rome.
As for the US comparison, the empire didn't fall through wars of independence. If anything what you see is provinces pleading the centre to send more troops. And of course.
More widely it's odd to talk about 'colonial feeling' as the Americans who revolted were largely British colonisers but the Roman role on Gaul wasn't primarily colonisation in that sense. There's no good parallel but a better one would be areas of British Empire in e.g. Africa or India where pretty few Brits went proportionally but whose economies were directed to British ends and where the elite to a degree anglicised (much less deep but then Rome lasted a good deal longer).
Interestingly there was a 'gallic Empire' which bears some comparison to America. The Roman state around Gaul got fed up paying in but not being defended from external empires and effectively declared independence but used roman models of government. The main lack of parallel is that America was defended against external enemies at the cost of Britian and its grievance was more idealistic.
Context Link
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Author: CuriousastheCat
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2020.09.29 20:46 CoralineDickinson Another brutal rape followed by callousness of police and indifference of media

The Hathras gangrape and violence goes to show nothing has changed in India. In fact, media coverage of the incident was almost absent. Some news channels published 5 videos on SSR and drugs within 4 hours, but no coverage of this very disturbing incident.
Now that the victim has passed away, there is slightly more coverage. But this is what it takes for the country to take note of crime against women? Unless it is a brutal, bone-chilling misfortune, we as citizens don't even see or care about rapes that are happening daily?
I see a lot of outrage demanding encounter and hanging of the culprits. Shouldn't this outrage be directed towards the police and administration that did not act in time. Or towards the government that does not care for women safety and upliftment. That does not make policies to educate men and boys. Or the deeply patriarchal and misogynistic society that has always considered women as an object of abuse. We as a country have internalized such incidents to the extent that we can move on from reading such news to binge on YouTube or trolling on twitter without getting affected by it.
We are all choosing to be bystanders while rape and sexual abuse of children, teenagers, women, and even octogenarians is rampant in the country. The incidents have only been rising and there is no sense of urgency to remediate it whatsoever.
A country that gets so easily triggered over religion, caste, bollywood smoking marijuana feels no outrage over rapes?
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2020.09.29 20:42 techgup The Infinix Hot 10 Lite is launched with a cheap triple rear camera

The Infinix Hot 10 will arrive in India on October 4. Meanwhile, the cheapest model of this series, Infinix Hot 10 Lite, has been launched in Kenya, Ghana, and Nigeria in Africa. The ‘Lite’ model runs on the Android Go platform. Talking about the special features of Infinix Hot 10 Lite, you will find a triple rear camera, 5,000 mAh battery, and HD Plus display. Let's know the price and complete specification of this phone.
Infinix Hot 10 Lite has been launched in Kenya with two storage variants. Again in Ghana and Nigeria, the phone will be available with a storage variant. The 2GB RAM and 32GB storage variants are priced at Rs 7,140 in Kenya (Rs 10,500), about Rs 7,890 in Nigeria (NGN 45,400), and around Rs 7,830 in Ghana (GHS 599). A 3 GB RAM and 64 GB storage variant of the phone was found in Kenya but its price was not known. The phone will be available in four colors including Blue. Meanwhile, the company did not say when the phone will be available in other markets.
Infinix Hot 10 Lite Specification
The Infinix Hot 10 Lite has a 6.8-inch HD Plus IPS display. Its pixel resolution is 720 x 1800. The display design of this phone is waterdrop notch. The company's website states that the phone's processor has a clock speed of 1.6 GHz, but did not say what processor was used. However, some reports have said that the phone will have a MediaTek Helio A20 processor. It has up to 3 GB RAM and up to 64 GB storage. Its storage can be expanded via a microSD card.
For photography, the Infinix Hot 10 Lite has three cameras on the back with an LED flash. These are the 13-megapixel primary sensor and two QVGA. The front of the phone has an 8-megapixel camera with dual flash. 1080p video can be recorded at 30 fps with the rear camera.
This phone has a 5,000 mAh battery. The battery has 3,300 hours of talk time and 35 days of standby time. It has a micro USB port for charging. For security, it has a fingerprint sensor and face unlock. The phone runs on the Android 10 (Go Edition) operating system.
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2020.09.29 20:26 removalbot 09-29 18:26 - 'While Britain at the time largely opposed slavery on humanitarian grounds by that time. Though there still was a demand for cotton from the South. Sometimes economics are more important than morals. Though at the time Br...' by /u/Talloldguy53 removed from /r/history within 861-871min

While Britain at the time largely opposed slavery on humanitarian grounds by that time. Though there still was a demand for cotton from the South. Sometimes economics are more important than morals. Though at the time Britain had absolute control of India under the British Raj and as such was getting more and more cotton from India.
Britain definitely wouldn't sweep itself into another Continental war by sending troops to "pacify" the Union Army especially after the humiliating defeat of the Red Coats in 1783. To the British The South was nothing more than a Lost Cause by that point. If Britain decided to get involved in the U.S. Civil War there would be a huge public outcry.
Britain was also focused on Canada becoming a self-governing entity within the British Empire which it did in 1867.
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Author: Talloldguy53
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2020.09.29 20:18 iwishforagini 21 Day Anapanasati Starting Thursday October 1st

Hello everyone!
My meditation teacher from Bali, Indonesia is hosting a guided Anapanasati Meditation starting October 1st 10:00am IST (India) time through Zoom. This will be 10:30pm PST (Pacific) time. You can google 10:00am IST time to your local time if you are in a different part of this world. It is expected to be a smaller group, with people joining from Germany, Saudi Arabia, Belgium, USA, etc...
Below is the flier for the meditation with the Zoom link. Would love if you can be part of this. If not, it’s alright, happy meditating =).
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2020.09.29 20:02 smartsafety Biometric Attendance Machine - Smart Safety India

Looking for the best Realtime biometric attendance machine in Delhi? Smart safety India provides you the best service of Attendance System and gives you a good offer, we will not charge for installation and maintenance, and provide you full support any time. We are working in Delhi, NCR with our best product Biometric fingerprint scanner, and Electronic Door Lock. You can also get help from our team by making a call or drop an online query. Our team members are always there for your help.9205009768
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2020.09.29 19:57 bdseo2412 Cashmere Wool Fabric - Extensive Guide

Cashmereis a soft woolen cloth woven from Cashmere or Cashmere goat hair. The fibers of Cashmere are extremely soft and silky to the touch and weigh virtually nothing. Used mostly as clothing,Cashmere Fabric makes nothing but sweaters, cardigans, shawls and garments and can be sewn into outerwear and jackets.
In Cashmere, wool comes in a variety of natural colors - white, brown and gray. It is often dyed to get trendy shades. Kashmir is considered a premium yarn due to its scarcity. More beautiful than regular fleece, it is often chosen as a luxurious garment because it seems quite expensive.
What is Cashmere Wool?
Cashmere Wool Fabric is one of the most familiar soft types in Cashmere. Despite being light in weight, it keeps one warm and comfortable during harsh winters and dant albums. With proper care, high quality Kashmir can last for years without changing the look and feel of the hands.
As mentioned earlier, the ‘supplier’ of Cashmere wool is the Cashmere goat which lives in Mongolia, China, India, Iran and other places. Compared to merino wool that is spread over the animal, the thorns of Kashmir are closed. The process is quite rigorous and time consuming and it adds up in the long run affecting the final price.
Cashmere yarn can be woven or woven which is suitable for different types of garments in different weights. What unites them all is emotion. Soft as feathers. As soft as Kashmir. If you are considering a beautiful cardigan stitch to wear to work or for a dinner, then going with Cashmere is just the right kind of thing. Nothing can compare to its luxurious structure and quality.
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2020.09.29 19:55 removalbot 09-29 17:55 - 'The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis. Former UPSC chief begs people to start asking the right questions' ( by /u/DzoPRK removed from /r/india within 190-200min

The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis. Former UPSC chief begs people to start asking the right questions
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Author: DzoPRK
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2020.09.29 19:52 JustARandomLadHere MBBS Anki deck for third year till housejob

I decided to make this anki deck mainly because all the pre made ones are for Step 1 or US based. So here's something for the people living in china, Australia, Pakistan, India etc
This is the rough first version of it, i intend to go over entirely once more to organize it further via tags, clean up few tags and add the topics ive missed but since exam time is near in my country i decided to post it here to help my classmates.
These are not cloze deletions but mainly basic cards because i. Mainly I dont enjoy reading textbooks for long periods, so ive made these as a way to help me concentrate and get through all the material in a timely fashion and the daily revision of old cards further solidify the concepts ii. I didnt have the time for it
So this deck basically contains:
Now the way ive made the cards and im sure you'll find alot of inconsistencies is because i made this over a year with spending a great amount of time in the beginning and then rushing in the end because ...exams... For example, some cards will have the question : Investigations required for TOF? i started with only putting a snapshot of that part from the book but when i reviewed my cards a little later on i wanted the CF, txt etc on the same card so its easily accessible if needed. (inspired by Anking) For this reason ive also added a field at the top that says answer, which is where i intent to add summarized answers to the questions for easy review.
Google Drive Link for deck
I truly hope this deck is useful to someone.
Please post your reviews, suggestions.
Regards u/VisualMed
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Times Of India Ad-Every Indian must see this Video - YouTube How The Times of India Newspaper is Produced - YouTube Funny file ad from Times of India - YouTube Times of India's 100-rupee ad - YouTube Times of India hockey ad - YouTube The Times of India - YouTube TIMES NOW - YouTube

Business News Live, Share Market News - The Economic Times

  1. Times Of India Ad-Every Indian must see this Video - YouTube
  2. How The Times of India Newspaper is Produced - YouTube
  3. Funny file ad from Times of India - YouTube
  4. Times of India's 100-rupee ad - YouTube
  5. Times of India hockey ad - YouTube
  6. The Times of India - YouTube
  7. TIMES NOW - YouTube
  8. The Times of India Latest News India, World Business News, Cricket Sports, Bollywood.flv
  9. The Times of India - YouTube
  10. Chancey illa Anirudh The Times of India - YouTube

Namma Chennai - Chancey illa is the city connect campaign celebrating the unique nuances of Chennai by The Times of India along with the Youth Sensation Anir... This is a video about the entire production of The Times of India. The Times of India is the world's largest English Broadsheet daily. The video is generic e... TIMES NOW, is India's most watched general English News Channel that is devoted to providing pure and relevant news to its viewers around the clock. Always b... One of Times of India's recent ads. Part of the newspaper's Day in the Life of India. But this one is far from funny, like the earlier ones. A more Bollywood... The best ever indian advertisement by times of india. This videos show how a singal person can lead the mob. That old, funny passing-the-file ad from TOI. Saw a lot of people asking for old ads, so I got some here. Will keep posting more as I get them. Let me know i... Here's the evergreen currency ad from The Times of India. A beautifully captured day in the life of a 100-rupee note. Very Bombay, very funny! The Times of India Latest News India, World Business News, Cricket Sports, Bollywood.flv ... India Questions Bill Gates and Aamir Khan - Duration: 11:27. NDTV 4,134,743 views. The official YouTube channel for The Times Of India , world's largest selling English daily, with over 7.6 million readers and 37 editions. SUBSCRIBE to TOI ... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.